Developing A Total On Line Presence

Developing a “Total Online Presence” –Why your business needs this to survive
By Brad Tornberg, E3 Consulting Partners, LLC.

It seems like developing a Total online presence is like eating Elephant – where do you start? For a startup it makes sense to first develop a strategy that defines your differentiation – your unique advantage and you ideal client. Once you have this then you can begin the process of tactical marketing to get your message across.

The most important thing you can do is to try to get people to know you. Like you, trust you, try what you’re offering, buy what you’re selling and then repeat the process and refer you to others. This is the new paradigm in today’s sales cycle or what John Jantsch calls the Seven Steps to Small Business Marketing Success.

The issues I typically hear are how much time and how much money will this take and I don’t have a lot of either. So the advice is always the same –do something, do it now and do it often. Keep a calendar and stick to it! Remember that small victories are still victories.
Simple tools such as Mailchimp and Unbounce will allow any level user to create a landing pages and create an email campaign that can collect names that opt in from the call to action generated. This content can be reused in ads for Facebook and Linked in and other sites. Simply create the landing page, go to to create a shortcut link to your email and now you can create an email and put the link in the email to create a call to action. Remember the call to action needs ot be compelling (something for free – a free book, whitepaper, site visit, consultation, etc.) This is how they get to try out your special service or product – the try portion of the cycle.

Blogs are easy and free. WordPress makes it very simple to sign up and create a blog. The blog is crucial because the search engines reward content and if it’s original and pertinent you will rise naturally in the search engines. The blog is something that can be opted into with your above campaign and gives people a place to land to learn more about you and your business products and services. Blogging is something that needs to happen on a calendar like other marketing activities. You don’t have to be a writer. Use Google alerts and other listening tools to monitor or listen for certain key words and each day you will receive a summary of those pertinent articles or posts. You can repost, retweet or even comment on subjects that are in your sweet spot which makes you relevant and the search engines reward relevance by providing visibility in the rankings so you will be found by those who are looking for you.

My next post will be other tactical ideas to use in helping develop a total on line presence. Feel free to send me your thoughts and Ideas!

About marketsimplicity

“When addressing company issues, the philosophy has to be business first, technology second. “ Brad Tornberg is an entrepreneur who understands the challenges facing businesses struggling with technology and lead/sales generation. His 25 years of working with more than 150 businesses (typically with C-level executives) to provide consulting, strategy development, project planning/management, business process/workflow evaluation, and computer systems/software implementation has taught him that the problem within most organizations losing profitability isn’t so much about broken technology as it is about broken people, systems, and processes. A successful technical and business expert with an MBA in Economics and Finance from Farleigh Dickinson University, Brad is the founder of E3 Consulting and holds Microsoft Certifications for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) sales, implementation, and training. He’s also earned his E-commerce certification from LaSalle University, Programming certification from the Chubb Institute and AT&T, and Great Plains Dynamics Instructor Certification, and was the first worldwide Exact/Macola Software Certified consultant in Manufacturing & Distribution. Past positions have included Senior Consultant/Project Management at Microsoft; CEO and Principal at Front2back Solutions, IMS, and Sofsearch; and Director of Business Development at Wavebend. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs, and believes his exposure to many different industries throughout the course of his career allows him to bring best practices to the table in his consulting today. Brad has seen his role “morph” in recent years. When he first started with E3 Consulting, he analyzed business needs; recommended, sold, and implemented software solutions; and trained companies on how to use them. As he was asked to fix technological problems, he began to see that the real “pain points” were with people and systems, and started to build up a respected reputation as being more of a consultant than a “techie”. He realized that firms needed a system for lead generation, not just a database for contacts. With his recent certification as a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant and the formation of Market Simplicity as an adjunct of E3 Consulting, Brad is strategically taking on the role of a marketing consultant rather than viewing it as an add-on to his “techie” role. He continues to embrace technology, but insists it must be interpreted in the proper light. Finding someone who knows both business and technology is like finding a needle in a haystack. Brad is that guy. He has always been systems-oriented and found Duct Tape Marketing to be attractive because it’s a simple turnkey system that provides focus and
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